Criminal Justice

We create efficiencies and cost savings for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies by providing digital evidence service and solutions.

Successful resolution of every case depends on recording and the documentation of every relevant interaction, formal or informal, in any location and any language. You need solutions that are fast, accurate, flexible, and secure to strengthen your investigations, increase your case closure rates, and reduce risks.

For more than 25 years, VIQ Solutions has been a global expert in ultra-secure digital evidence capture and transcript workflow management solutions. VIQ provides technology and service platforms to law enforcement, criminal justice and other government agencies to allow you to focus on more important duties. This blended approach creates a harmonious result of high quality, high efficiency, and highly secure transcription services and solutions with best practices and security at the forefront.

Our industry experience, alongside our highly effective technology suite gives us the ability to support you in successful case resolution. Our services and solutions are efficient, accurate and easy to use, resulting in increased case closure and reduced risk.

Law Enforcement

We are experts in the industry and know exactly what it takes to support you in case resolution. We can provide the fast, accurate, accessible, and secure services you depend on to improve your investigations, drive case closure, and reduce risks.

  • Criminal Investigations
  • Internal Affairs
  • Patrol Operations
  • Jails and Correctional Facilities

Criminal Justice Agencies

Prosecutors, public defenders, and private lawyers nationwide manage several cases simultaneously. Regardless of which side of the courtroom you work, we can add value and save you time to focus on research and building your case.

  • Prosecuting Lawyers and Legal Investigations
  • Public Defender and Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Judicial Hearings and Review Boards

Other Investigations

With investigators working in the field investigating and collecting evidence, time and efficiency are paramount to your cases. We can assist you so you can stay focused on investigations and have the ability to get that evidence documented so that it can be used to close a case.

  • Fire and Arson Investigations
  • Family Protective Services
  • Human Resource Investigations
  • Private Investigations
  • Other Federal, State, and Local agencies

VIQ End-to-End Solution

We can help you capture it, manage it, transcribe it, so you focus on delivering the best-case outcomes.

With the proliferation of a digitalised workflow, the need for technology solutions that can capture, manage, and secure data and content in the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice arena is prevalent.

Our transcription services, in unison with our innovative software solutions, give our Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice clients the ability to implement a modern, manageable, and efficient digital workflow.

End-to-End Solution

Find the solution that best fits your needs.

With the transition to a technology driven workflow, the ability to capture, manage, share, and create digital evidence in a secure and efficient manner becomes paramount. VIQ Solutions offers comprehensive, end-to-end workflow solutions that will increase efficiency, reduce cost, and simplify access to the verbatim record securely, preserving the value of the spoken word and image, while delivering meaningful information.

MobileMic Pro™ Dictation

Create audio recordings anytime, anywhere

MobileMic Pro™ Dictation

With VIQ Solutions MobileMic Pro Dictation, you can turn your smartphone into a microphone that lets you create accurate documentation anywhere, anytime, for anything. The application-based solution works both online and offline, making it truly available no matter your working environment.
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Safeguard and streamline your transcription workflow


If you currently employ in-house transcriptionists, NetScribe is a robust, comprehensive transcription workflow management platform. This powerful yet easy-to-use cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution significantly increases transcriptionist efficiency, decreases turnaround times, and yields higher transcription accuracy.
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Capture, manage, and share audio and video content


A complete, integrated solution for digital audio, video, and evidence capture and management for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies. The solution provides integrated audio and video capture from multiple sources simultaneously. CapturePro can manage interview rooms, courtrooms, in-car cameras, and more.
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Use speech recognition to quickly create draft transcripts


Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, aiAssist, automatically generates a draft transcript of audio content in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional services. You can quickly review and edit using a web portal or route to the VIQ Services team for editing and formatting.

Transcription Services

Accurately transcribe verbatim documents to use as evidence

Transcription Services

Upload your recordings through our secure, online portal, and our experienced staff will create officer report narratives, supplements, and case notes within 24-hours or less. Verbatim transcription of recordings involving two or more persons, including interviews, and phone calls, can be completed in as little as one business day.
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