Fast, accurate, and cost-effective text production services for government and political coverage.

VIQ Solutions provides industry-leading transcription services for Federal, State and Local agencies, including speeches, legislative hearings and media briefings.

Over two decades of reliable, real-time service.

VIQ Solutions produces hundreds of hours of live Federal Government events in the United States each calendar day for top media outlets. Our team is skilled at creating near real-time verbatim transcripts to support the fast-paced, deadline-driven, political news market. We understand the unique requirements of the highly sensitive information that is generated by the Government sector.

VIQ Solutions provides the best blend of accuracy, professionalism, confidentiality, security, speed, and price. We have over 26 years of experience transcribing both public official source material and highly confidential internal recordings for government institutions and other political constituencies. Our dedicated Political Editorial Team applies the same diligent newsroom approach to the coverage of high-profile rush events, council meetings, and local candidate speeches.

With the VIQ Solutions suite of products and services, government clients can rest assured our timely delivery of services combined with our modernised digital suite can securely and efficiently transform the spoken word into actionable text.

VIQ End-to-End Solution

Find the solution that best fits your needs.

With the transition to a technology driven workflow, the ability to capture, manage, share, and create digital evidence in a secure and efficient manner becomes paramount. VIQ Solutions offers comprehensive, end-to-end workflow solutions that will increase efficiency, reduce cost, and simplify access to the verbatim record securely, preserving the value of the spoken word and image, while delivering meaningful information.

MobileMic™ Pro Dictation

Create audio recordings anytime, anywhere

MobileMic™ Pro Dictation

Simply download MobileMic™ Pro Dictation and your mobile phone turns into a high-quality audio recorder that can capture any meeting or speaking event anytime, anywhere.
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Transcription Services

Accurately transcribe verbatim documents to use as evidence

Transcription Services

Our Transcription Services team has more than two decades of experience supporting political and Government agencies. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff provide fast, accurate, secure services that save you time and money.
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Use speech recognition to quickly create draft transcripts


Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, aiAssist, automatically generates a draft transcript of audio content in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional services. You can utilise this text to meet public record keeping requirements, or route to the VIQ Services team for editing and formatting to final verbatim format.