High-quality verbatim transcripts help the Insurance industry guard against fraud. Our digital and remote technology solutions, coupled with a professional transcription services team, will lead you to success.

VIQ Solutions provides top-tier transcripts to insurance agencies, including seven of the top ten property and casualty companies around the World.

Thanks to our team of experienced transcriptionists, we have an outstanding reputation for delivering consistent, measured results to clients with large workloads and precise expectations.

Modern. Fast. Flexible.

Work through any component of the claims process, in the office or from the field.

VIQ Solutions has more than 20 years of experience transcribing the claims that are necessary components of arbitration, subrogation, and fraud detection. Recorded statements, witness testimony, and summary reports are key pieces of evidence in the documentation and investigation of a claim. We work with insurance carriers, insurance adjusters, and underwriters to capture and transcribe their claim file recordings so that they can use it to determine the outcome of a claim. We understand the importance of verbatim transcription to ensure the claim is processed properly and fairly, and we deliver that, always.

With the VIQ Solutions suite of products and services, insurance adjusters can rest assured our services combined with our modernised digital suite can securely, efficiently and accurately manage all of the components associated with the process, while in the office or from the field.

VIQ End-to-End Solution

VIQ’s digitalised solutions suite offers the ability to obtain secure digital recordings from your office, the field, or any place necessary, all while gaining complete transcription support at a lower cost.

End-to-End Solution

At VIQ, we have proven abilities to handle high-volume workloads and tight deadlines, while meeting rigorous quality standards for accurate, verbatim documents.

Our services and solutions suite can support you in all your Insurance industry transcription needs. From on-demand transcription services, transcription workflow solutions, options for remote recording and capturing, to secure telephonic recording services, we have you covered.

We can help you capture it, manage it, transcribe it, so you focus on delivering the best-case outcomes.

Find the solution that best fits your needs.

With the transition to a technology driven workflow, the ability to capture, manage, share, and create digital evidence in a secure and efficient manner becomes paramount. VIQ Solutions offers comprehensive, end-to-end workflow solutions that will increase efficiency, reduce cost, and simplify access to the verbatim record securely, preserving the value of the spoken word and image, while delivering meaningful information.

MobileMic™ Pro Dictation

Create audio recordings anytime, anywhere

MobileMic™ Pro Dictation

Simply download MobileMic Pro Dictation, and your mobile phone turns into a high-quality audio recorder that can capture an interview or witness statement anytime, anywhere.
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NetScribe™ Connect

Secure, online transcription management portal

NetScribe™ Connect

Secure cloud-based portal for the management of audio files. Simple online order entry and file retrieval that uses secure transfer protocols and supports multiple audio formats.
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Transcription Services

Accurately transcribe verbatim documents to use as evidence

Transcription Services

Our Transcription Services team has more than two decades of experience supporting Insurance industry clients. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff provide fast, accurate, secure services that save you time and money.
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Safeguard and streamline your transcription workflow


This comprehensive transcription workflow management platform can assist any insurance agency with an in-house transcription team. NetScribe is powerful yet easy-to-use, while significantly increasing transcriptionist efficiency, decreasing turnaround times, and yields higher transcription accuracy.
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Use speech recognition to quickly create draft transcripts


Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, aiAssist, automatically generates a draft transcript of audio content in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional services. You can quickly review and edit using a web portal or route to the VIQ Services team for editing and formatting.