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2021 Technology Use Will Lead to Efficiencies in Insurance, Law Enforcement and Legal Industries

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From the legal industry to law enforcement and insurance, 2020 has proved that adopting modern technologies has been necessary to maintain business operations and deliver efficiencies. With the unprecedented effects of Covid-19 on in-person litigation, and the harmful effects of natural disasters increasing insurance claims, 2020 has changed the way many industries do business.

What technology advancements 2021 will deliver remains to be seen, here are a few predictions from VIQ.

While many industries have been making data-driven decisions for years, the legal, insurance and law enforcement industries remained hesitant to introduce technology into a very traditional, human-driven process relating to case resolution and claims.  

For example, results from the 2020 Legal Analytics Study by ALM Intelligence and LexisNexis showed 70% of law departments and law firms had access to legal analytics, up from only 38% in 2017. 

The way these industries conduct business is expected to change. When making a recommendation related to litigation, uncovering fraud, or deception, credibility and supporting data is necessary to justify recommendations. Data analytics and predictive insights will be delivering important information these industries demand in the future.  Predictive insights derived from Artificial Intelligence (AI) will aid insurance fraud detection and the detection of lies in the legal and criminal justice markets. 

The Virtual Courtroom has led to and will continue to drive demand for remote and mobile solutions.  

According to the Association of Corporate Counsel’s latest flash poll of the 249 members, 32% of respondents were uncomfortable using videoconferencing pre-COVID-19. Now, about 93% of those same in-house counsel is more comfortable with the technology: More than 70% said they were “very comfortable” with videoconferencing, and another 23% were “somewhat comfortable.” 

The implementation of remote, secure, cost effective and portable digital technology solutions has helped court administrators and attorneys continue with legal proceedings during the pandemic. The back log of legal proceedings has been alleviated by remote digital hearings, digital trials, digital depositions and more. It has become clear; the courtroom is successfully embracing the use of digital video and web-based conferencing technology to carry out civic duties and to better manage their caseload.  

The emergence of a transcripts offering hyperlinks to internet-based references such as Google maps or online cases will provide insights that can lead to faster claims processing, more efficient investigations and ultimately, case resolutions. These collaborative transcripts will allow specific files to be linked and shared with authorized recipients permitting the user rapid and shared access to information related to the event.  

VIQ Solutions can assist to securely speed the capture, creation, and management of large volumes of information, preserve the unique value of the spoken word and video, and deliver meaningful data you can use. 

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About the Author 

Krizia Mylonas  

Krizia Mylonas currently serves as the Vice President of Sales for the Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, and Court verticals in North America at VIQ Solutions. With expertise in sales to government agencies (to include municipal, county, and federal), her experience involves government solicitation responses, building partner/integrator relationships, complete end-to-end sales duties to include prospecting, negotiation and internal coordination and attending and speaking at state and national conferences in these verticals. Mrs. Mylonas has spent the past five years working with these industries to improve budget and workflow efficiencies and identify and resolve agency pain points with VIQ’s suite of products and services. 

Matthew Fowler  

Matthew Fowler has spent 16 years at VIQ Solutions delivering end-to-end technology and services to the Government sector, including Courts and Criminal Justice markets in APAC.  He has a deep understanding of the unique recording and transcription needs for these sectors. Matthew and his team have delivered 158% growth in the region, delighting clients on large scale government projects.  Customer experience and efficiency are driving factors for this success.  Matthew is known for listening carefully to clients’ needs and finding the right solution for his customers. Prior to VIQ, Matthew spent 10 years focused on finance and consulting at Deloitte.