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Courts leverage advanced technology to address growing personnel shortage and legal backlogs

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In recent years, courts have increasingly turned to digital audio and video recording solutions to produce the official record. This technology provides numerous benefits over traditional court reporting, enhancing the judicial process.

Legal professionals – judges, attorneys, court reporters, stenographers, notaries – require modern digitalised technology to keep the wheels of justice turning and gain workflow efficiencies. Technological advances have led to the introduction of audio and video recording devices into courtrooms to capture the record. Courts see the benefits and advantages of having their audio and/or video content integrated directly with their official record, to gain an e-record of all court proceedings, creating a truly connected courtroom.

Benefits of the Connected Courtroom

  • Increasing accuracy: allows parties and litigators to have a digital record, leaving a footprint to maintain accurate records.
  • Improving transparency and accountability: e-records can offer comfort to citizens that the proceedings are legitimate and there will be evidence of irregular behavior. Appellate courts can use recordings to review proceedings in lower courts and ensure their procedural integrity, especially in cases that rely on visual or oral cues. 
  • Preventing procedural abuse or corruption: while e-recording cannot stop crime from happening outside of the courtroom, greater monitoring can have a beneficial effect and crackdown on corruption.
  • Data security: Securely access the A/V files, confidentially, with access to only those that need it and are authorised for access.
  • Improved Accessibility: The key stakeholders have permissions, and the files can be made available online.
  • Ease of review: The ability to see facial expressions, body language and non-verbal behavior during judicial and jury review.

With the right technology audio and video recording can be secure, efficient, and reliable.

VIQ Solutions CapturePro™ suite enables digital capture and management of official court records, police interviews, hearings, and other audio and video content. CapturePro’s advanced features drive workflow efficiencies, integrate seamlessly to third party applications such as court case management systems, and are easy to install and use. 

The captured evidence can then be synchronised with other case data that is maintained in the CapturePro central content management systems. The real-time recording allows for live annotations and system monitoring to ensure an accurate record is captured. An automatic FirstDraft transcript can be created using aiAssist for self-editing or sent to VIQ for modification by professional editors. 

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VIQ Solutions offers CapturePro to securely capture the court record.