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Digital Transformation and Automated Transcription Services

Digital Transformation and Automated Transcription
Over the past several decades, criminal justice, legal, and insurance industries have turned to digitalization to improve operational efficiency. While human-powered transcription has been used for some time, AI powered transcription offers new and exclusive capabilities for these industries.
What is Automated Transcription 

Automated transcription services use speech recognition technology to generate transcripts from an audio or video file in mere minutes. Users can view transcripts online and make annotations, share the transcript with colleagues, or store the transcript for later reference. If professional editing is needed, the transcript and voice file can be electronically submitted for editing and formatting. 

FirstDraft, VIQ’s automated transcription service, offers transcripts in less time and at a lower cost than traditional transcription services, enabling more audio and video files to be transcribed into easily stored and searchable documents. 

The Technology Behind VIQ Solutions Real Time Transcription  

Once the recording is received, VIQ’s artificial intelligence platform – aiAssist – uses speech recognition and machine learning to convert the spoken word to text. Tools within aiAssist assess the characteristics of the file and align it with the most effective speech recognition engine for each file type resulting in a highly accurate, formatted and diarized document. VIQ’s security protocols protect your information throughout the workflow. 

Automated Transcription brings clear benefits to a wide variety of users: 
  • Law enforcement officers can remain alert and easily dictate reports or capture interviews without the distraction of writing or typing at the scene. 
  • Near real time transcription allows media outlets to quickly search and share news. 
  • Legal counsel are able to review previous testimony to prepare for additional questioning. 
  • More cost-effective transcription enables insurance companies to convert more of their audio files for easier storage and reference. 
  • Corporations can share transcripts of meetings or calls quickly.
VIQ Solutions can help. 

Whether you need to dictate notes, share an interview, or easily archive more of your recorded files, automated transcription will improve your productivity. 

VIQ Solutions’ FirstDraft delivers a cost-effective and secure end-to-end workflow for single speaker or multi-speaker environments when time and accuracy count.  

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