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The Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting a Transcription Provider

The Do's and Don'ts of Selecting a Transcription Provider
With the overwhelming number of transcription providers available on the internet, the task of selecting the provider that is right for you can seem daunting. If your goal is an on-time, high-quality transcript, processed and delivered in a secure manner, the following list of Do’s and Don’ts will help.
Do scrutinize the providers security protocols.  

When you share your business data or confidential content with a reputable company, you trust that the company will not share or allow a breach of your data.  

However, you should never base the decision purely on trust. A transcription provider needs to enact top-notch security measures, so you know your information is safe. Always ensure the provider follows state, industry or local security mandates. For example, CJIS readiness is required for any transcription provider to secure law enforcement content in the United States.  

Since file transfers and cloud storage are routinely conducted on the internet, providers must take security steps to protect files from the moment they are sent until the completed file is made available. Cloud storage data should be hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, or some similar secure cloud storage service. The provider should utilize the latest technology and security tools including network security monitoring, encryption, web vulnerability scanning, firewalls and many more.  

In addition to file and storage security, a provider should make certain that all staff have passed a thorough federal, state and county background check, and signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.  

Do make sure the transcription provider has background in the industry  

The transcription process itself is generally the same for all industries; however, each industry has specific terms, nuances, and formatting needs to support single and multi-speaker transcript creation.  For example, medical transcription focuses heavily on medical terminology, so the transcriptionist needs the appropriate training to ensure accuracy and speed. On the other hand, financial and business transcription deals with financial figures and financial terms that require attention to ensure all figures are reported accurately.  

Do ask about accuracy rates and guarantees. 

An accurate transcript is often a critical piece of evidence in a criminal investigation, court hearing, or insurance claim. It is important to confirm that the transcription provider offers an accuracy and quality guarantee and stands behind their work.  

It is common practice for a transcription company to act as a “pass-through” service and to not perform any additional review beyond the initial transcription. The provider should have proficiency standards for the transcription team, as well as a quality assurance process to ensure that they are producing the most accurate transcript possible. 

Don’t base your decision solely on price. 

Every organization wants to save money and remain within or under budget. However, when it comes to selecting a transcription provider, you may get what you pay for.  

If high-quality transcription services are important, lower price services companies may not guarantee secure personnel, processes, and data hosting, or accuracy levels. They may also have hidden fees where the advertised price is not the actual price you will pay based on the quality of recording, number of speakers and the turnaround time required.   

You might also find lower prices with offshore providers. But simply said, the total cost can be higher over time. Managing an offshore contract presents itself with a significant amount of work including invoicing, auditing, ensuring the cost centers are charged correctly, and recording time properly. Not to mention the security data risks. 

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