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Fortune 500 Property and Casualty Insurance Group improves efficiency and gains cost benefits from transcription

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Top 15 Insurance Group streamlines their documentation process with VIQ Transcription Services.


Based in the United States, the Insurance Group has been serving their customers since 1927 with goals to inspire, protect, and restore dreams through insurance products, exceptional service from agency owners and employees, community investment and creative partnerships to address societal challenges.

The Insurance Group is the nation’s 13th-largest property/casualty insurance group, ranking No. 254 on the Fortune 500 list. The group sells brand products, primarily through exclusive agency owners in 19 states. Across various companies the group has more than 13,500 employees nationwide.

The need for capturing the spoken word in written form is paramount for insurance companies in claims and records. Recorded statements, interviews, and recorded notes need to be transcribed quickly, securely, and accurately.

The Problem

The Insurance Group was using internal and external resources to complete the claims and recorded transcription process, and experienced issues with efficiency and timely transcription production. They sought to improve turnaround time, while taking the strain off internal resources, and chose to streamline the process to one vendor, rather than partially internal/externally outsourced.

The Insurance Group was seeking a provider that would provide efficient, cost effective, flexible, and secure transcription services.

The Solution

With the industry-specific knowledge, experience, and technology to work with and understand the transcription needs of world-class insurance companies, VIQ provided the Insurance Group with rigorous quality standards that produce accurate, verbatim documents in record time.

VIQ Transcription Services has consistently delivered high-quality, on-time, and correctly formatted documents including:

  • Content that is recorded such as initial claim filings, fraud inquiries, and other investigative claim related recordings.
  • Interviews with key individuals involved in a claim such as the policyholder, claimant, or witnesses.

VIQ Solutions NetScribe™ Connect a cyber secure trusted solution with automated file transfer integrates seamlessly with the Insurance Group’s management system and claims workflow to:

  • reduce claims lifecycles
  • improve security of documentation during the claims process
  • enhance recovery processes
  • improve the overall experience for customers

About VIQ Solutions

VIQ Solutions is a global provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture technology and transcription services. VIQ offers a seamless, comprehensive solution suite that delivers intelligent automation, enhanced with human review, to drive transformation in the way content is captured, secured, and repurposed into actionable information.

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