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From Typing to AI: Upper Gwynedd Police’s Journey with Transcription 

Key Benefits 

  • Simplified, Two-Step Transcription Process 
  • Tangible Return on Investment (ROI) 
  • Reliable and Accurate Transcription Results 
  • Exemplary Customer Experience & User Satisfaction 
  • Opportunities for New Innovative Investigative Techniques 


The Upper Gwynedd Township Police Department, situated in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is a cornerstone of community safety. Committed to professionalism and collaboration, the department’s well-trained officers conduct patrols, emergency response, and criminal investigations to ensure public security.  

Integral to their ethos is community engagement, achieved via town hall meetings, outreach, and educational programs that forge strong resident-police relationships. In emergencies, officers are adept first responders, offering swift assistance with empathy. Cross-agency cooperation enhances effectiveness, allowing joint efforts to tackle broader challenges like organised crime. 

The Upper Gwynedd Police Department stands as a modern law enforcement exemplar. Their blend of proactive policing, technological integration, and community involvement displays a dedication to safeguarding the township’s well-being. With a commitment to integrity and collaboration, the department epitomises effective public service and serves as a commendable model for law enforcement agencies nationwide. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of law enforcement, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for the successful investigation and prosecution of criminal cases. Upper Gwynedd faced its own set of challenges when it came to transcribing interviews, but with the introduction of VIQ Solutions, their processes underwent a transformative journey that not only met their expectations but also exceeded them, leading to more efficient and effective operations. 

The Challenge  

Before the adoption of VIQ Solutions, Upper Gwynedd relied on a labor-intensive process involving typing during Q&A sessions or interviews. This not only consumed valuable time but also posed the risk of inaccuracies creeping into the records due to manual transcription. However, a significant turning point emerged when the DA’s office required audio and video interviews involving serious crimes to be recorded as standard procedure. This requirement led them to explore new avenues for transcription, and that’s when VIQ Solutions came onto their radar. 

VIQ Solutions caught their attention through word-of-mouth recommendations from local police resources. The Hatfield Police Department’s success with VIQ’s FirstDraft piqued the interest of the Upper Gwynedd, motivating them to delve into the possibilities that this innovative service could offer. 

Adopting a brand-new service is often met with uncertainties, especially when there’s little prior experience to draw upon. With an open mind and a willingness to embrace change, they embarked on a journey that would soon prove to be a notable change. 

The Solution 

The transition to VIQ introduced a simple 2-step process to getting transcripts. Instead of the cumbersome manual typing, interview recordings could now be effortlessly transcribed using NetScribe Connect to request an accurate FirstDraft. The process involves a straightforward drag-and-drop action, followed by inputting key details such as the interviewee’s and interviewer’s information, date of the interview, and incident report number. In less than an hour, the transcription is ready for download. The convenience and efficiency of this process resonated with the officers, notably the detectives who were the service’s primary users. 

The Upper Gwynedd Police Dept. comprises twenty-two sworn officers, to include two detectives and a Deputy Chief. While detectives were the primary beneficiaries, the ease of use and effectiveness of VIQ’s solution prompted officers to embrace it as well. 

The focus of transcription currently revolves around witness interviews requested by the District Attorney. These documents are crucial for building strong cases, and the quick turnaround time provided by VIQ’s solutions expedites the entire investigative process. 

The Results 

VIQ Solutions swiftly met and resolved the challenges that appeared for Upper Gwynedd with the new procedure. The user frustrations of manual typing were replaced with a seamless and efficient transcription process. This transition resulted in a cascade of measurable improvements that transformed the workflow: 

  • Turnaround Time: The Police Department and District Attorney’s office witnessed a significant reduction in turnaround time. What once required hours of manual transcription now took mere minutes with VIQ Solutions. This expedited workflow contributes to more efficient investigations and case preparations. 
  • Client Satisfaction: The stress and frustration associated with manual transcription were alleviated. Officers and detectives experience a higher level of satisfaction in their work, as the time-consuming task of transcription no longer overshadows their core responsibilities. 
  • Return on Investment (ROI): The benefits of VIQ Solutions were not just operational but also financial. The time saved through the efficient transcription process translates to tangible ROI, allowing officers and detectives to channel their efforts into higher-value tasks. 

A major test for VIQ Solutions’ transcription came with a criminal shooting case, where the option for professional transcription services played a pivotal role. The ability to easily request 2-3 day verbatim transcription service was put to the test, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. The District Attorney accepted the transcript without any hiccups, underscoring the reliability and accuracy of VIQ’s solutions. 

While VIQ Solutions successfully addressed the immediate challenges faced by the police department, it also opened doors to new investigative techniques. The potential to streamline phone call investigations through immediate transcription emerges as a promising prospect. Additionally, the integration of MobileMic Pro for field recordings into the process could further enhance the process by allowing officers to conduct interviews in the field and receive immediate transcriptions, reducing delays and ensuring that critical information is promptly accessible. 

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