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Speech-to-text AI helps CCHA more efficiently manage transcription often needed in investigations

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“FirstDraft has been a tool we have come to utilize on a regular basis.  It saves us and our clients time and money.  It is the most cost-effective solution we have found that meets our needs.  Additionally, customer service is great if we ever run into any issues or questions.” 

Kelleigh Irwin Fagan | Partner

Key Benefits 

  • Shortened hours of review significantly with FirstDraft™ documents 
  • Significantly lessened cost vs internal or outsourced transcription of audio 
  • Better accuracy and formatting than alternatives
  • More bandwidth available to focus on cases and other important legal tasks 
  • Improved collaboration through easily sharing key information with team in a timely manner 


With a foundation of over 130 years of trusted legal service, CCHA has nearly 50 legal professionals, in 6 offices across Indiana, offering a full range of services, including administrative law, business services, criminal law, family law, litigation, employment law and sports law. CCHA is currently utilizing VIQ Solutions within their Sports Law services.  

The CCHA sports law team conducts investigations into NCAA rules compliance, on Title IX matters, and various investigations that arise in an athletics department on a college campus.  The team represents institutions, coaches, and student-athletes in various NCAA matters, including infractions issues, waivers and eligibility, and student-athlete reinstatement requests.  The sports law practice includes team members with recent NCAA national office, on-campus, and conference experience. 

The Challenge  

CCHA conducts many interviews throughout their investigations and needs transcripts of specific information for reports and to utilize throughout the investigative process. Prior to implementing VIQ Solutions, CCHA attempted several other internal and external solutions.  Each of those had their various deficiencies, be it too expensive, too time-consuming, inaccurate, or too slow. 

The Solution 

In order to streamline the process but maintain high accuracy, CCHA sends all shorter audio through FirstDraft and self-edits. Longer audio is sent to VIQ Transcription Services for verbatim transcription within the timeframe needed. CCHA easily submits their requests by uploading the audio to VIQ’s online transcription portal, designating the turnaround time required and downloading the draft once completed. 

The Results 

With the new process of receiving a FirstDraft document and self-editing and only requesting transcription services when needed, CCHA has found the most cost-effective way to meet their requirements. With the audio CCHA submits through FirstDraft, a highly accurate transcript that needs minimal editing is returned with proper formatting. The ability to quickly search a document for specific information or quotes saves an extensive amount of time allowing for the sports law team to devote their time to more important work. This information can be more easily shared with team members to help streamline cases and provide the most comprehensive evidence available.

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