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Stenographer Shortage Leads to Adoption of Innovative Technology

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Court reporters and stenographers play a critical role in the legal process, recording depositions and taking notes and annotations during live proceedings that become a part of the formal record. With a large population of veteran stenography resources retiring and training programs being reduced, the industry is facing a supply gap that can be felt across the globe.

How technology supports changes with court personnel

With the continuing shortage of stenographers, the legal industry has seen increased pressure to find digital alternatives to fill the gap.

The industry needs transcribed documents to create a textual record of important interactions that support cases or hearings. With the essential nature of these documents, it is imperative that the documents are accurate, word-for-word transcripts formatted to comply with specific legal requirements and compliance mandates.

With a digital transcription solution supported by AI, users can streamline uploading recordings via a secure, encrypted channel and route verbatim transcription in a matter of minutes. Users can quickly convert audio recordings to text, resulting in a document that can be reviewed and edited in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Along with transcription technology, flexible recording solutions are pertinent to support the need for secure and accurate audio and/or video of notable court and legal events. Audio and video files can be captured using an on-site install, portable devices, or web conferencing software and uploaded directly to a secure transcription solution.

VIQ Solutions can help.

We provide a simplified end-to-end workflow with flexible recording options and expedited access to draft transcripts that support self-editing or optional professional editing by our trained industry experts. VIQ helps users make multimedia content verifiable, searchable, editable and shareable, with completed transcripts supporting multiple formatting options and speaker diarization.

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