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Streamlining Legal Transcription Workflow with Case Management Systems

The ability to securely request and retrieve legal documentation and prepare it for transcription can be tedious. When working with confidential information and content, such as case documents, simplifying the process to allow for efficient document management is top of mind.
The legal industry requires the secure and efficient storage and movement of documentation 

Most legal firms require and depend upon some sort of Case Management System (CMS) to provide them with tools to manage, organize and otherwise make more useful the documents for the firm. CMS is the storage of documents and files plus meaningful and useful tools to help you use the documents. CMS, case management, and email management systems help legal firms organize, annotate, search, retrieve, and share documents; they keep lawyers efficient and effective.  

Without a proper CMS system, case documents, email, and other data is likely scattered throughout several disjointed systems. For example: case data in your legal software, documents in Drobox or a network share, email in Outlook or Gmail. A legal-centric document and email management system organizes everything for a particular case or client–documents, email, case information, notes–in one place. 

Case Management Systems and Transcription Services Workflow Integration is Important  

With more than 200 million recordings and nearly three billion pages of transcripts in the U.S. law enforcement industry alone, the ability to streamline and manage transcription workflow is crucial. The Integration of transcription order processing within a legal firms CMS is invaluable. Legal firms need the ability to request the creation of criminal case transcripts directly within the CMS, with the transcript being available upon completion within that same CMS.  

Key Benefits of a fully integrated CMS and Transcription Workflow system: 
  • Integration solves workflow and accessibility issues, simplifying case management access to request and retrieve transcripts  
  • Provides secure collection and transfer of confidential case information  
  • Helps remove information silos related to case management throughout the legal and law enforcement industries  
VIQ Solutions and Karpel can help 

VIQ Solutions, as a strategic partner of Karpel Solutions, offers confidential transcription services for Criminal and Administrative Investigations. Our partnership with Karpel Solutions provides customers with the ability to securely request and retrieve legal documentation directly from the criminal case management solution, simplifying the process to allow for efficient document management. Contact us to learn more.