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VIQ Solutions to help Florida courts overcome challenges as approved vendor for court reporting and transcription technology

VIQ is thrilled to announce it has been selected by the Florida State Courts System as a primary approved vendor for courts statewide.

VIQ Solutions, a leading provider of innovative court technology and services, is thrilled to announce that it has been selected by the Florida State Courts System as a primary approved vendor to provide a comprehensive solution suite to simplify workflow, protect access and integrity of the court record for courts statewide. This opportunity will give VIQ Solutions a clear path to implement reliable, state of the art technology to help Florida courts lessen backlogs and resource constraints while simplifying the recording and transcription of court hearings.  

VIQ is approved to deliver its end-to-end solution portfolio empowering courts to optimize legacy processes and improve services for users safely and securely. CapturePro™ is a robust and flexible software solution that captures and manages high-quality, multi-channel audio and video testimony recordings for up to six courtrooms simultaneously. The addition of NetScribe™, the AI-enabled transcription workflow platform, streamlines workflow for creating transcripts in private and government organizations. AccessPoint is a secure, online portal that provides collaboration and on-demand access to audio recordings, increasing efficiency and traceability of record requests. The solutions preserve and secure evidence to deliver meaningful data pertinent to court cases. 

According to a study by Strategy& of PwC, between 30% and 50% of small court reporting agencies (CRAs) in Florida are either hybrid or fully digital due to the reporter shortage. Finding court reporters and stenographers after the “Great Resignation” only adds to the challenge for court administrators and agencies alike. The deficit is more pronounced in states with more litigation, including California, New York, Texas, Illinois and Florida, but ultimately, it is an issue that affects all courts and their stakeholders. Currently in Florida, the increase in workloads, case backlog and the resource shortage are causing courts to have to prioritize which trials will have a court reporter present, delaying justice and increasing costs. 
Many courts have begun to utilize modern technology to address their challenges. As they implement integrated technology to modernize workflows, enhance productivity and improve accessibility of information, VIQ is providing end-to-end innovative solutions to meet court needs. High-quality digital recording, cloud-sharing for better collaboration, automated drafts, and real-time transcription improve court professionals’ productivity and drive more expeditious proceedings.   

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