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VIQ Solutions – Secure by Design​

Security is the first design parameter that VIQ Solutions considers when products and features are developed. VIQ’s security policies and principles are incorporated at the forefront of product development initiatives and extended throughout the software development lifecycle, but security is never “done.” VIQ leverages a risk-based approach to continuously improve our security posture based on technical advancements and best practices.

Award-Winning Security

Winning the prestigious “Fortress Cybersecurity Award” from Business Intelligence signifies exceptional achievement in safeguarding digital infrastructure. This recognition validates an organisation’s dedication to robust cybersecurity practices, ensuring protection against evolving threats and inspiring confidence in stakeholders and clients alike.

Cloud First

VIQ’s platforms heavily leverage industry-standard public cloud environments. Our cloud first approach allows our platforms to not only rapidly scale, but also provides several security benefits, including continuous monitoring and rapid feedback on emerging security threats.

Software As A Service

VIQ products are designed with the user interface securely accessible via a web browser. Our modern web applications are designed to provide the highest level of security while delivering ease of access and usability.

Our solutions are designed to ensure that confidential audio/video recordings and transcription files are never stored locally. Files are encrypted at all stages of storage and transmission to ensure that they remain confidential throughout the lifecycle of the transcription process.

SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

This rigorous audit and attestation, conducted by an independent Australian certification body, AssuranceLab, validates VIQ as a trusted and secure platform partner, especially crucial for highly regulated industries.

The SOC 2 framework, developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), examines an organisation’s controls for protecting and securing its systems and services. VIQ’s successful certification demonstrates its compliance with stringent standards for security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality, as defined by the framework’s Trust Services Criteria (TSC).

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System Configuration

Source Code Control
VIQ follows best practice for source code control and stores all code within an industry-standard secure repository. All access to the source code is monitored and tracked.

Data Segmentation
VIQ operates dedicated environments for the development and testing of our products and services to ensure production data is not exposed in non-production environments.

Change Management
VIQ assets are configured in accordance with best practices for security and hardening. Changes to VIQ systems and products are subject to formal review, approval, and testing.

Compliance & Certification

VIQ is a global company that leverages talent from multiple countries to execute high quality, cost-effective services for our customers. As a result, VIQ services are hosted in dedicated geographic regions and cloud environments with controls to meet customer security and compliance requirements regarding privacy and data sovereignty.

VIQ maintains an ISO 27001 certification which covers VIQ’s global operations. All security controls are aligned with industry-standard frameworks including the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. For Media customers, all privacy controls are aligned with the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

VIQ Solutions is a member of the CyberGRX Exchange, a platform that enables organisations to manage and monitor third-party cyber risk. As a member, VIQ Solutions has undergone a comprehensive cyber risk assessment and has been certified as a trustworthy and secure vendor. VIQ’s customers subscribed to CyberGRX can request access to our assessment, which provides insights into our security posture and helps customers make informed decisions about working with us.


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