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Fast, reliable content creation and captioning for Media.

Out of the box, Carbon is built for Media. Carbon is a user-friendly speech-to-text content creation platform that cuts production costs and timelines.

Carbon provides self-service content creation for fast editing, search and collaboration, as well as creating orders for verbatim text content.

Speed Media Production and Distribution

Carbon is a media-centric, web-based platform that uses automatic speech-to-text, for self-service delivery of text content within rapid turnaround times.
Once an AI-generated transcript has been received, users can edit within the Carbon web application to apply time-code offsets, identify speakers, excerpt key clips, and export their finalized content in a variety of formats.

For users that require “full-service, human-generated” content creation, files can be sent to one of our many talented transcriptionists to create a 99% accurate transcript with a click of a button. You choose self-serve, using our powerful AI speech engine, or by traditional human transcription means.

VIQ’s best-in-class technical support and evolving automated speech recognition are designed to meet the growing demands of broadcast television and news productions around the world.

Media content creation

How Carbon Works


Capture and Submit Recording

Quick click options for type of transcription, TAT and fields to include common media metadata, such as show name, story slug, producer, date, etc. 


Review and Edit

Receive text content synced with the media via timecodes and utilize user friendly tools to search, edit and identify speakers within the platform and optionally up order human transcription


Collaborate and Distribute

Search by SMPTE timecode or keyword to locate segments and quotes fast. Export desired format to store and modify in existing systems

Key Benefits

Fast & Accurate

Out-of-box, Carbon is designed and supported by media linguistic experts, resulting in highly accurate, near real-time, automated speech-to-text content.


The only cost-competitive content creation tool built for media professionals that creates searchable, editable and reusable media with the option to up-order to 99% verbatim text creation in the TAT needed


Validated by a major broadcaster to empower users to create text content on a 24/7/365 self-serve basis via web browser


Share and work directly within the live transcript with your whole team to edit, highlight sound bites, share ideas, and ask questions


Enable open captions of media in a cost competitive, time-sensitive process and easily collaborate with your team using the online solution

Automated Transcripts Tailored for Media

Production / Digital Library / Public Relations / Marketing

Save time and money by using automated speech recognition to turn recorded media into valuable pieces of searchable, editable text content.

Quickly search, edit and collaborate with timestamped text content generated and synced to media within minutes of uploading.

Gain Insights from Your Data​

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