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Lexel Case Management

You need to be able to capture, use, and protect official court records, police interrogations, orwitness interviews clearly and consistently.

With VIQ Lexel, law firms and courts can organize case documents, review recorded testimonies, and generate real-time transcripts to ensure litigation preparedness, organizational data transparency, and streamlined access to critical information. Lexel, a cloud-based legal evidence management solution, offers an intuitive and collaborative workspace, enabling streamlined communication amongst legal and court professionals like never before.

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Evidence management for law firms

In the early stages of evaluating a matter to preparing the brief and beyond, litigation generates a considerable number of documents – legal briefs, testimonies, notes, affidavits, and interrogatories – to support case work. Firms need modernised solutions that support the end-to-end process allowing for simplified annotations, full‐text search, report management, messaging, and collaboration.

From pre-trial to post-trial, Lexel can help.

Real-time transcription for courts

Courts face heavy backlogs, and consistently work to streamline proceedings, ensure high-quality recordings, and speed transcript creation. Using Lexel Live Events feature, transcripts are produced as the event unfolds, with a stenographer on-site in the court proceeding, providing law professionals with the ability to quickly view a rough draft transcript of the court proceeding in a secure manner. The transcript can be used to make objections, annotate for future reference, collaborate with colleagues, and take fewer notes.

From live trial proceedings to post-trial documentation, Lexel can help.

Gain Insights from Your Data​

Simplify management and collaboration of securely stored case files and evidence with Lexel.