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Unparalleled Experience, Expertise, and Customer Service for your documentation needs

You rely on accurately transcribed recordings, transcription services, and verbatim documents to use in court cases, investigations, insurance claims, speeches, presentations, meetings, calls, and more.

VIQ Solutions Recording Services

Our personnel can attend your hearings to capture audio with a portable pre-configured solution that can accommodate four or more speakers. Users can benefit from the local capture of digital content with the ability to transfer the recordings to a centralised management platform. Click here to learn more about VIQ Solutions Recording Services.

VIQ Solutions Transcription Services

The essential nature and confidentiality of documents to be transcribed documents makes it imperative that you know they are produced word for word and formatted in compliance with all relevant specifications.

Acquiring and retaining the resources to transcribe audio files can be costly and time-intensive. This is why most organisations have outsourced this critical process to experienced, reliable, easy-to-manage vendors.

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VIQ Transcription Services can deliver what you need, when and how you need it, at prices you can afford and terms aligned with your business requirements. Our teams are some of the most skilled, experienced, and exceptional in the industry.

We specialise in all types of transcription.

The VIQ Transcription Services team offers a unique, powerful, flexible combination of technologies, industry experience, and expertise that can meet your toughest transcription challenges, accurately, rapidly, securely, and economically.


High-quality verbatim transcripts for trials, hearings, mediations and arbitrations, and more.

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Criminal Justice

Confidential transcription and translation services to hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the world.

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We work with claims adjusters, agents, and other insurance professionals to process recorded statements.

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Industry-leading transcription and captioning services for Federal, State, and Local agencies.

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Corporate Finance

We transcribe earnings calls, analyst meetings, presentations, research interviews, focus groups, and more.

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Verbatim transcripts and captioning of live and pre-recorded broadcast programming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no set-up fees and no monthly subscription plans. Service is available on an as-needed basis and is non-disruptive to your current staffing or procedural operations.

We offer two transcription styles that vary in cost due to the different skill sets required to transcribe them.

  • Verbatim: We type every word and phrase exactly the way it was said, including ums, ahs, and slang pronunciations.
  • Clean Verbatim: We omit the ums and ahs and correct slang words, but do not adjust sentence structure.

We offer several turnaround time options to meet your needs based on project size, budget and timeline. We are able to return a completed transcript in as little as 3 hours, but our standard, and most popular, turnaround time is 3-5 business days. The longer the turnaround time, the lower the cost.

We provide transcription and translation services for a variety of audio and video formats. While most digital files are ready for transcription, some audio formats will need to be converted to a standard digital format before it can be transcribed.

Our digital platform supports the capture of voice files using our no cost, mobile app. MobileMic provides streamlined capture from any location with a direct upload to our secure transcription management center. We also support the use of digital, hand-held recorders and provide a simple upload solution through our secure web portal. Telephone dictation is supported, but may incur an additional fee.

Whether you have microcassettes, standard size cassettes, or VHS tapes, we are able to transcribe your recordings. Simply contact us, and we will help you set up the mailing and processing of your tapes.

We offer multiple pricing structures, including pricing by the word, line, page, digital minute or project. Please contact us for pricing details.

Our general customer service team can be reached during business hours by phone, email, or chat to make sure your questions never go unanswered. A client experience representative is also available to discuss the health of your account and your overall satisfaction.