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Real-Time Transcription for Live Events and Hearings

When Justice cannot wait, get a verbatim transcript delivered in seconds.

Real-time Transcription Services Ease Collaboration

When traditional timelines are not fast enough, VIQ provides immediate access to court transcripts to streamline collaboration and increase efficiency in court proceedings.

VIQ’s real-time transcription service, Live Events, provides an instant transcript, moments behind the spoken word. Our certified network of skilled stenographers attends the legal proceeding, in-person or remotely, to create a verbatim transcript that can be easily referenced by the Judge, counsel, solicitors and clients. The electronic transcript is sent to authorised users, regardless of their location, and can be annotated and shared with colleagues to strategise, highlight inconsistencies, and facilitate research. The rough draft transcript can be used for case preparation and the finalised official transcript will be delivered within hours of the event.

Let VIQ Solutions create efficiencies and streamline your access to documents. Contact us today to learn how we can support your real-time transcription needs.

VIQ Solutions Live Event benefits:

Gain Insights from Your Data​

VIQ Solutions offers a unique, end-to-end technology platform to transform recorded content by combining AI and human expertise to create a collaborative experience that drives speed and efficiency for court professionals.